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Partner-Operated Wells


Began Investing in Oil and Gas

Domestic oil and gas has largely been starved of capital leading to asset valuations falling to multi-decade inflation adjusted lows. We believe this has resulted in an outsized opportunity to allocate capital into high quality upstream assets that offer compelling risk adjusted returns to our investors.

ESG’s Impact

The ESG movement has contributed to capital flowing away from oil and gas. As a result, we believe higher quality assets can be acquired for less capital than any point in the last several decades.

Risk Mitigation with Potential Upside

Oil and gas is inherently risky, from surface to operations, to the risk in the underlying rock even having oil or gas, there are stumbling blocks at every turn. Our investors will benefit from our decades of experience in the industry, along with the two products we have developed specifically to help ensure a lower risk profile while still taking advantage of the tax benefits of investing in oil and gas.

There Is No Substitute

While emphasis on renewables will remain strong, we hypothesize that there is no near term replacement for highly energy dense and easily transportable hydrocarbons such as oil and gas. As a a result, we are bullish on domestic exploration and production being a large part of the economy for decades to come.

Experience Matters

At the forefront of our technical evaluation and oil & gas deal flow team stand Laura Pommer and Virginia Light. Their extensive and unique experiences in the oil industry empower us to secure top-tier deals and excel in operational fundamentals, setting the stage for our continued success with our energy investments.

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Our Energy Investment Products

Reward / Risk




Lower Risk

Producing Wells

The GrayStreet 1031 product provides access to producing oil and gas assets. This is a tax advantaged product wherein proceeds from real estate investments are exchanged into oil and gas wells with a well known production history.

Medium Risk

New Drill Wells, Proved 
Undeveloped Locations

In order to take advantage of the healthy tax benefits associated with drilling new wells, while managing the investors' risk, we invest in drilling locations that have a high probability of being economically productive. These are called Proved Undeveloped Reserves, and are within a certain distance to other producing wells, helping to mitigate some of the risk in finding oil or gas.

Higher Risk

New Drill Wells, Exploratory Locations

We all want to be H.L. Hunt sometimes, why not be a wildcatter with us? Our team of highly qualified  geologists and engineers vet and generate the best-in-class potentially high producing oil and gas assets out there. These are still new drills, so they come with tax benefits, but the big benefit is that you could get a gusher (or. . . a duster)!