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GrayStreet Partners is a private equity firm focusing on the investment, development, and management of urban commercial real estate. Our portfolio of real estate investments includes office, retail, mixed-use, urban land, and parking assets, totaling over 3 million square feet


We have access to pools of capital with varying investment requirements, allowing us the flexibility to pursue investments across a wide range of the risk spectrum.


Our strategy focuses on identifying high quality, under-performing assets where there exists an opportunity to re-develop, re-position, or re-price. We apply an in-depth market understanding of fundamental economic factors which affect the pricing of real estate in any given area, coupled with our experience in structuring and pricing the capital stack in order to maximize returns for our Partners.


The price/risk spectrum in any given real estate sub-market often provides significant opportunity for acquisitions in all segments of the economic cycle. We believe that private investors in real estate often overlook fundamentals in favor of momentum driven strategies, and in an asset class with typically 5+ year investment horizons and significant transaction costs, we have been successful in outperforming our return and yield benchmarks.